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Welcome to the home of Meltdown Christian Music Ministries and home of the annual MELTDOWN RETREAT. We are excited about Meltdown 2019. Our Guest seminar speaker is CAREY "Kosher" WOMACK from  punk band ONE BAD PIG.

Meltdown 2019 will be moving from May to the first weekend in November.  The first  20 or so Meltdown retreats took place in November and due to the many other events now taking place in May, we have decided to go back. 

The accommodation will be changing from caravans to centrally heated chalets so we will be warm and cosy. The chalets have excellent showers and a very well equipped kitchen. 

Cefn Lea Holiday Park


Nr Newtown

Mid Wales


The Meltdown retreat is 29 years old this year and has a reputation for excellent live music, challenging teaching, great like minded fellowship, great worship and good food. 

A weekend at Meltdown is a unique experience in the world of christian conferences and retreats. You are invited to join us at Meltdown 2019 and meet with Jesus in a welcoming friendly atmosphere amongst like minded friends. Meet new friends who enjoy christian heavy music and enjoy two evenings of music.

Angel Armies - Sardonyx
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Unity - Rifferspock
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Echoes Of Salvation

New compilation album from Meltdown Music.

15 Christian heavy music bands donated tracks for this great new compilation CD. Get your download copy now from the Store page.

Reviewed by Paul S Ganney

Metal compilations can either be a best of or a pile of tracks the bands couldn't sell otherwise. This sounds far more like the former, as I'd expect from Britain's pioneering hard music ministry Meltdown spreading their net far and wide to demonstrate just how many really good bands around the world there are at the moment. Some of these units hard music followers are likely to have encountered already, while others will be completely new. The opening "Sound Of The Saints" by Chaotic Resemblance kicks things off nicely: a great vocal over a very, very solid band, riffing and rocking like their lives depended on it. Britain's Vamoosery follow and reminded me of a metalled Penetration (plus a fabulous guitar figure the Cult would have loved to have written). Four Star Revival made me think of Iron Maiden meets Judas Priest, with Crushing The Deceiver being more at the thrash end of the metal spectrum. Waiting For Ravens made me think of Nightwish (albeit with a male vocal) and was far too short, 2 Minute Mirror sat at the punkier end of metal (and at 1:45 sat within the name of the band well) and Blood Covenant were an interesting thrash/doom/symphonic crossover. P.J.Bostic had a really mesmerising riff, XIII Minutes had some very good rhythmic chops under an alternating guttural/sung vocal with a glorious guitar figure and Rifferspock occupy a Sum 41-style pop/rock field. Sardonyx are very Germanic in feel a la Krokus with a great crescendo build, Saving Darkness produce a Stiltskin-style wall of noise and Peter118 are a rapid rifferama which is almost punk. Ray LeGrand is anthemic/symphonic with a Helloween type of guitar, leaving R.A.I.D to close the album with their riff and rap that made me think of the Beastie Boys. With 15 tracks I'd love to review each one in detail. But suffice to say this compilation is a very useful way of getting up-to-date with the various sub-genres of Christian hard music