Meltdown have recently started to publish good quality Christian books.

You can buy these books from our shop on this website or find them on Amazon, where you will also find Kindle ebook versions available.

Want to share the Gospel through the use of music, but don't know where to start? Already taking the Gospel to music venues with your band? This book is your guide to music ministry, taking you through every step of the process, from discerning your calling to ministry, to maintaining that calling honorably, no matter what you encounter along the way. This is not a book about how to improve your guitar playing, or how to tune a drum kit. It assumes you already have that covered. This book focuses on your surrender to God in your music, and your desire to preach Jesus to your audience in a way they will understand and identify with. This book will highlight your responsibilities and the potential pitfalls of taking the Gospel onto the front line and encourage you to see the rewards of loyal service to God through your music ministry. Written by the director of an internationally recognised music ministry with over thirty years experience in the Christian music mission field. In-Tune is the essential manual for anyone involved in Christian music at any level. Complete with accompanying workbook that can be downloaded, so you and your band can work through the book and apply the teaching directly to your own music ministry projects. This book will ensure that you and your music ministry stay In Tune with God. 

The annual Meltdown retreat has been running for 28 years and is the only residential weekend teaching and music event in the UK for Christians who enjoy their music hard, heavy or alternative in style. Meltdown provides quality Bible teaching, excellent fellowship and live Christian heavy music. This book looks at the first thirty years of Meltdown, starting a few years before the main retreat started with our tour ministry and taking you up to the 2018 retreat. It talks about the venues used, our guest speakers, our In-Tune conferences, outlines some memorable Meltdown moments and provides a record of this unique and unusual ministry so far.

For years now I’ve been an ‘alternative’ – that word which can mean so much, but generally includes those who are goths, moshers, emos, hippies – anything that is alternative to the ‘norm’, but anything which, too often, seems to be overlooked or frowned upon by the church in general. See, for too long I’ve felt that there seems to be a certain ‘Christian culture’ that Christians feel pressured to fit into. There seems to be a certain way to write a book, a certain way we have to be, a certain way we have to look, a certain way we have to dress and a certain way to be a Christian. ‘You can’t be a Christian and wear that!’, ‘You can’t be a Christian and listen to that music!’, ‘You can’t be a Christian if you go to that gig!’, ‘Christians do it this way’. Really?! Now just where does the Bible say that? Where does Jesus reject those who are just trying to follow Him and perhaps going against the social ‘norms’ of the day? I believe Jesus is all about love, acceptance and belonging, something he extends to everyone regardless of appearance, music taste and hair colour!.....Caroline Papillon (Author)


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