I started of doing sound and Projection and discos at a local church back in 2005 which I enjoyed doing after that I got involved in a festival just outside of Rugby in 2012, after that joined up at a live music venue in Rugby called the Vault which was a live music / club venue. And started of doing lights there.

And then I got passionate about the whole music and entertainment industry and now have experience in lighting, audio, video, rigging and staging. I am motivated to use my expertise to create the very best experience for the audience and I have a keen eye for detail and create highly professional results. I am hard working and enjoy working in a team, but can also work on my own initiative. I am trustworthy, reliable and easy to approach, a fast learner and keen to develop new skills.

I have now also started my own hire page of kit which started in september 2019.

I have just recently become a lighting and prep technician for Meltdown Christian Music Ministries which I started in July 2019. Here is the link to Meltdown Ministries which will tell you all about them. https://www.meltdownchm.co.uk/.

Since 2016 I have been working as a lighting operator, desiginer and crewing for a number of different organisations and with a number of crewing companies.

During  2015/16 I worked for Production Resource Group  PRG / XL Video (Birmingham) and in 2014/15 for Fly by Nite (Redditch), both of whom specialise in storage and logistics for professional bands, backline equipment, concert tours and theatre sets.

During late 2014 / early 2015 I worked with a number of theatres in Exeter.

I have been involved with theatre productions, outdoor events, festivals and also worked in a local live music venue and other live / club venues around london and coventry.

Also I have worked with over 100 bands some well known bands and artists. From 2012 to present.

I am based in Rugby, Warwickshire.

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