David is a very experienced magician with over 30 years’experience of working with children and adults alike. He holds 5 teaching qualifications and has taught professionally in FE colleges. For the past 30 years he has overseen the work of Meltdown Christian Ministries who are members of the Evangelical Alliance. 


He is a Christian author, seminar speaker and bible teacher. 


David is a member of the Elim Pentecostal Church


Member of : 

The International Brotherhood Of Magicians and The Fellowship of Christian Magicians

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Gospel Magic uses magical tricks as a visual aid to communicate a biblical truth. Gospel Magic can take many different forms, from 'mind reading' to manipulation, from card tricks to stage illusions. It can be used in any number of settings from walk around at a church outdoor event to table hopping at a party, from parlour style with small groups to a platform presentation during a church service or special event. 


Gospel Magic is more than simply doing a trick and tagging a message on the end. Skill and experience is needed in selecting the right trick to illustrate a particular biblical point and then delivering that effectively. The trick should be woven skilfully into the fabric of the message.


For the Gospel Magician the presentation or message is the heart of Gospel Magic. Like any other aspect of the performing arts, or communication form such as preaching or teaching, it requires a degree of presentation skill - and practice!


David is a very skilled magician and experienced bible teacher, he uses his stage magic to deliver the gospel or Christian message in an unforgettable way.


David can teach at your Sunday service and use stage magic to enhance the message. 


David can also entertain and teach at:






And much more

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David also performs with no "Christian" content for non Christian events. Click the image below to go to his corporate website.

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