New Book by Caroline Papillon.

or years now I’ve been an ‘alternative’ – that word which can mean so much, but generally includes those who are goths, moshers, emos, hippies – anything that is alternative to the ‘norm’, but anything which, too often, seems to be overlooked or frowned upon by the church in general. See, for too long I’ve felt that there seems to be a certain ‘Christian culture’ that Christians feel pressured to fit into. There seems to be a certain way to write a book, a certain way we have to be, a certain way we have to look, a certain way we have to dress and a certain way to be a Christian. ‘You can’t be a Christian and wear that!’, ‘You can’t be a Christian and listen to that music!’, ‘You can’t be a Christian if you go to that gig!’, ‘Christians do it this way’. Really?! Now just where does the Bible say that? Where does Jesus reject those who are just trying to follow Him and perhaps going against the social ‘norms’ of the day? I believe Jesus is all about love, acceptance and belonging, something he extends to everyone regardless of appearance, music taste and hair colour!.....Caroline Papillon (Author)

Creation Unmasked

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